Christmas Costume Ideas For Baby Boys: Make Your Toddler The Life Of The Party

Christmas comes just once a year, so you must make it extra special by hosting or joining in fun activities that can create unforgettable memories especially for kids & babies.

What could be more enjoyable for toddlers than to attend fun Christmas parties in cool costumes?

If you have a baby son, brother, nephew or cousin, you can help transform your Christmas gathering into an extraordinary winter-wonderland party by considering these cool Christmas costume ideas for baby boys:

Elf Baby Christmas Costumes

baby elf christmas costumesYou don’t have to wait for Santa’s elves to come into your house sometime before Christmas; you can, instead, make your child the one who delivers the elf magic by dressing him up in an incredible elf baby costume.

Usually made attractive by its green and red color combination, the elf costume is made from comfortable lightweight fabric, so your son can go around and spread Christmas joy in great comfort. It’s also easy to store for future use—it can easily be folded, so it won’t take up much space in your closet.

Also, the elf costume’s usefulness is unmatched. It’s ideal not just for Christmas, but also during birthday parties, school plays, theatrical shows, and just about any festivity and occasion that require your child to come in costume.

Unlike superhero costumes that are usually tight-fitting, an elf costume is loose, so it can be worn many times over even if your kid gets a bit fatter or taller the next time he needs to dress up in costume. The colors also don’t fade that easily, so it can be handed down to younger generations once your toddler son has grown big enough.

Penguin Toddler & Baby Costumes

infant, toddler & baby penguin christmas costumesPenguins are among the most loved birds in the world. Make your toddler as unique and adorable as these highly social colonial birds by dressing him up in plush Penguin child costume.

If he wants to mimic even the way this marine bird walks, then you can go for a full bodysuit with character hood and attached wings and foot covers.

But if you think your son is active enough and would love to leap from one table to another to deliver Christmas cheer, you’d better choose a jumpsuit penguin costume that will give him the freedom to move his legs and run around as if he’s trying to escape from his predators.

He can even catch everyone’s attention by doing a tap dance like what the penguins did in the movie Happy Feet.

No matter what type of Penguin costume you choose, it will be more attractive if it includes a red bow tie and yellow foot covers that are webbed to realistically resemble that of the penguin’s feet.

Aside from being comfortable and snug fit so it won’t fall off, the hood or headpiece must also feature sapphire eyes and a plush penguin’s beak. The best thing about this animal costume is that it won’t go out of style and it can be used anytime there’s a costume party, regardless of the season.

Santa Suit Child & Toddler Costumes

christmas or halloween costume for babies or kids - santa claus costumeNo Christmas party will ever be complete without a Santa who spreads the yuletide spirit by giving presents to kids who have been nice and well-behaved all year round.

Make your jolly son represent the North Pole by arriving into the party in Santa costume. The downside of this costume is that there isn’t much choice of colors (you can’t find it in green or blue) and styles, but there is a wide range of accessories to choose from. The quality of the suit may also vary.

While the costume is basically made up of a red pullover coat, pants, and hat with faux fur trim, black boots, and black belt. A good quality beard and wire-rimmed glasses can make a difference. What’s great about Santa costume is that, it will keep your toddler warm during cold night parties and by just wearing it, you can help turn a simple party into one with a regal feel.

The whole family can also arrive at the party representing Santa Claus and his helpers; you can even match this one with Mrs. Claus costume, reindeer mascot or costume, Santa helper costume, and elf costume. You may also consider bringing in a mock-up sleigh.

Toddler & Kids Snowman Costume

christmas costume for kids or baby - snowman costumesMuch like other costumes, the Snowman costume will surely keep your child warm during cold Christmas and Halloween festivities, especially those that are done outdoor.

But what gives it an edge is the fact that it symbolizes Christmas without suggesting any religious affiliation, making it perfect for just about any person.

The snow man isn’t just a representation of Christmas but the winter season as well, so this costume can be worn in different costume parties all year long.

Since it won’t go out of style, your son can use it over and over again, as long as it fits him. It can even be handed down to his younger siblings.

A snowman costume is basically white jumpsuit with big black buttons in front. It always comes with a carrot nose, a black hat, and a red fleece scarf. You can replace the scarf with one that’s of Christmas colors or you can just pair the existing red scarf with a green one for a more yuletide feel.

For a more accurate mimicking of Frosty the Snowman, you can let your son bring a broom and a cob pipe. Make everyone know that your child is one jolly, happy soul by letting him come into the Christmas party in a fantastic Snowman baby & kids costume!

Little Royal Guard Kids Costume

kids royal guard outfit for christmasIf your son is a tamed, well-mannered boy, you can veer away from the traditional Christmas or animal costumes by dressing him up in a royal guard costume. This is also perfect for kids who don’t find jumpsuits with snug-fit hood or headpiece comfortable.

The basic inclusions of a usual royal guard costume is black pants, red coat or jacket with miniature pins and other insignias, white belt, and a tall black hat or helmet. You can let him carry a toy riffle to make him look like a guard on duty. If the costume doesn’t include small military boots, you can let your kid wear his black leather shoes.

What you’ll love most about this costume are the twists and turns that you can do to transform it into another character’s costume. Just let your son carry some kind of a huge key and you can turn him into a clockwork guard. With the same set of costume, add some sci-fi touches, and you can transform him into a science fiction guard.

This costume is also an ideal choice for a group of boys who’ll come into the party together. They can all wear a royal guard costume and act as bodyguards for princesses or as the party’s ceremonial guards. To make the drama more realistic, the boys should have serious expressions and should not talk when not necessary.

They should also walk in lockstep. Your boy will definitely enjoy the party if he’s with his playmates, so make them portray a noble sentinel by showing up at the party in royal guard costume for boys.

Hope these five Christmas baby costumes ideas will make your search for toddler’s costumes faster and easier. Besides being ideal for chilly winter night parties, these costume ideas share another thing in common – practicality.

And that’s what makes each of them worth your money. One thing to remember though: since toddlers are a bit rascal, it pays if the costume you’ll get is made of high-quality and durable yet lightweight fabric and materials, so they can be comfortable wearing it for several hours.

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