Plush Snowman and Sexy Snow girl Costumes: Cool, Practical and Stylish Christmas Costume Ideas for Couples

Christmas is one of best times of the year to have a costume party because it’s the season when friends and family members come home or pay a visit to spend quality time with their families and friends. It would be more exciting if you think of ways to make your family reunion this year extra special. Why not suggest that everyone should come in costume?

Whether you are the one who organized the party or not, it would be fun if you let the world know that you and your partner are truly a super duo. The best way to do that without deviating from the Christmas theme is to bring winter wonderland to the festive season by wearing Plush Snowman and Sexy Snow girl costumes.

Here are some of the many reasons why these costumes are a practical purchase for couples like you:

1. They help create a joyful party atmosphere.

Next to Santa, Frosty the Snowman is children’s favorite Christmas character. He’s actually one of the reasons why many children look forward to the winter season. They have this belief that Snowman had came to life one day.

If you arrive at the party in your Snowman and Snow girl costumes, you won’t just make that childhood belief come true once again, but your jolly happy souls will also radiate and help provide the party with a cheerful ambiance. Sure enough, all the kids will be delighted seeing Frosty the Snowman laughing, playing, and having fun with them all night long.

2. Snowman doesn’t symbolize any religious belief or affiliation.

The best thing about Snowman is that it doesn’t represent any religion—he is simply a symbol of the winter season, which is characterized by snow. This means that Snowman and Snow woman costumes can be worn by anybody, no matter what their religion and beliefs are.

3. They can be worn many times over in different seasons and occasions.

mens snow man adult costumeThe plush Snowman Adult costume is usually a white jumpsuit with white hood and black top hat. Such suit is perfect for icy cold night parties during Halloween and the yuletide season. Moreover, the jumpsuit is a bit loose, so it can be worn again and again, even if you get a bit fatter or slimmer the next time you need it.

Since most women always want to go sexy no matter what the season is, many snowwoman or snowgirl costume sets include off-shoulder mini dress, wrist cuffs, scarf, and black hat. This cute dress is best paired with knee-high boots. For a more realistic appearance, both of you can bring a broom.

4. These costumes can be utilized to depict other characters.

The Snowman and Snow girl costumes, minus their accessories and accents can be modified a bit should you need to portray other characters. The plain white jumpsuit can be turned into a polar bear or a reindeer costume—just replace the Snowman hat with the costume’s corresponding headpiece.

snow girl womens christmas costumeThe Snow woman fancy dress, on the other hand, can be an angel’s costume when matched with wings or sexy bear attire with the addition of a plush hood with ears and a plush scarf with attached bear claws. Way too practical, aren’t they?

5. They can easily be packed for proper storage.

Since it’s not every day that you’ll be invited to a costume party, you need to store your costumes correctly to maintain their pristine looks and condition. That’s when you’ll discover another benefit of choosing Snow man and Snow woman costumes—they don’t have bubble effects, so you can easily fold and put them inside a clean, sealable plastic bag or container for proper storage. They aren’t that bulky, which means you need not allot much space for them in your closet.

Aside from the above-mentioned benefits, the appealing looks of these Christmas costumes for couples helps uplift the season’s festive spirit. And that’s an added bonus, right? So if you’re tight-fisted especially on things that you won’t use regularly, this costume idea is the way to go. You’ll just shell out a few bucks now, and you can use them in many costume parties to come.

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