Cool And Stylish Christmas Costume Ideas For Couples

For most of us, Christmas holidays are all about having a great time with family & friends. What could be better than having a party or a simple gathering with festive drinks, delicious food, and fun atmosphere? Sure enough, you won’t have it any other way. But don’t you know that you can double the fun and make the party live on in everyone’s memory by dressing up in fantastic costumes?

If you think Christmas costume parties are just for kids, you’d better think again! These are actually the best excuse you can have to dress up and represent your favorite characters. Such parties are especially meaningful and exciting for those who haven’t got the chance to make their childhood fantasies come true.

Why not show everyone how inseparable of a couple you are by arriving at the party wearing any of these amazing Christmas costumes for couples:

Santa and Mrs. Claus Couples Costumes

christmas costume ideas for women - mrs. santa clausSince it’s the season to be jolly, isn’t it a great idea if your husband will be the one offering a happy “Ho Ho Ho” to everyone in the party?

Let him wear a lavish Santa suit and belt while you stay at her side handing out candy canes, wearing a fabulous Mrs. Claus costume.

What makes these Santa costumes awesome is that by simply wearing them, you’ll be able to create a cheerful party atmosphere.

christmas costume ideas for men - santa clausChildren will sure chase you and ask for more candies and chocolates and other Christmas presents.

Aside from being an eminent Christmas figure, Santa and Mrs. Claus adult costumes have many other benefits.

They come in different sizes and fabric choices, and there’s also a wide range of accessories for you to choose from.

Just set the amount you’re willing to spend for the costume and there sure is one that will suit your budget. There are Santa mens costume sets that include only the red suit while others come complete with boots, wig, and beard set.

The same thing goes for Mrs. Claus womens costume – some includes a grand velvet dress with faux fur trim dress, petticoat, belt and hat while other sets contain a simple red dress with white apron and red cap.

Both Santa and Mrs. Claus can choose to wear a Santa hat or not. Ladies who want to go sexy can choose sexy Santa helper’s costume.

Since Santa will forever be part of the yuletide season, Santa and Mrs. Claus adult costumes can be handed down from one generation to another. Also, you need not wait for costume parties to use the Santa costume as you can wear it on Christmas or New Year’s eve to surprise your kids and everyone in your neighborhood.

Consider this Christmas costume ideas for couples and have the chance to experience the many benefits of Santa-dom this coming holiday season.

Plush Snowman and Sexy Snow woman Couples Costumes

christmas costume ideas - snowman mens costumesNext to Santa, Frosty the Snowman was children’s favorite Christmas character. They have this belief that he had came to life one day.

Why not make that belief come true once again by arriving at the party with your jolly happy souls in a plush Snowman and sexy Snow-woman couples costumes?

All the kids in the party will surely be delighted seeing Frosty the Snowman laughing, playing, and having fun with them.

snow woman womens christmas costume ideasThe best thing about Snowman costume is that it doesn’t represent any religion – it simply symbolizes winter season, which is characterized by snow.

A plush Snowman Adult mens costume set is usually a white jumpsuit with white hood and black top hat. The jumpsuit is accented by large black buttons or black faux coal accents plus an attractive plaid scarf.

Such costume is perfect for icy cold night parties during Halloween and the yuletide season. The jumpsuit is also loose, so it can be worn many times over even if you get a bit fatter or slimmer the next time you need it.

The costume’s very appealing look, which helps uplift the season’s festive spirit, is an added bonus.

Since most women always want to go sexy no matter what the season is, many snow woman or snow girl costume sets include off-shoulder mini dress, wrist cuffs, scarf, and black hat.

It would be great if this cute dress will be matched with knee-high boots. For a more realistic appearance, both of you can bring a broom.

The Snowman and Snow woman costumes for adults don’t have bubble effects, so you can easily fold them after cleaning and store them for future use.

Buddy and Jovi Elf Costumes for Couples

christmas costumes for women - jovi the elf from buycostumes.comDuring Christmas, Santa has a lot of tasks for his helpers.

So why not bring out your good-natured selves by wearing fantastic elf costumes to represent Santa’s favorite helpers – Buddy and Jovi?

Buddy’s attire is usually a green velvet jacket, yellow tights, faux leather elf shoe covers, and an adjustable belt.

Completing the Buddy the Elf mens costume look are the pointed hat and curly wig.

christmas costume ideas for men - buddy the elfJovi the Elf womens costume, on the other hand, includes a beautiful pink velvet long-sleeve dress with white faux fur trim, pink hat with red stripes, red belt, and red shoe covers.

To protect your skin from the icy wind during winter, red tights can be worn.

There are more to elf costumes than simply being sets of clothes. First, they are a very practical purchase because they can be worn not only during Christmas costume parties but also in many other occasions that require you to dress up in costumes.

Another thing you’ll love about the elf adult costumes, is they can be matched with other accessories and use them to portray other characters. Jovi’s pink long-sleeve dress, for example, can be worn with knee-high white furry boots and plush hood with faux fur trim, and presto! It now looks like an Eskimo lady costume.

While elves are said to be tall and thin, most elves costumes aren’t body-hugging; they are in fact, a bit loose and are just tightened on the waist by a belt, so you don’t have to starve yourself just to look fit for the character you’re portraying.

You don’t need to change your personality too; just be your bubbly self. Also, there’s no need for a tan or pale complexion just to represent the characters well. Elf costumes look great no matter what the color of your skin is.

Sally and Jack Skellington Couples Costumes

christmas costume ideas for men - jack skellington night before christmasYes, the Halloween’s over but you can still give the party a little creepy feel without going out of the Christmas theme.


By simply dressing up like Jack Skellington and Sally – the main characters in the famous movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

buy costumes sally skellington christmas costume for womenWhile everyone’s on their jolly self and cheerful costumes, the two of you can catch everyone’s attention and bring in chills wearing Jack’s jacket with tails, ascot, unique bow tie, and the character mask and Sally’s patchwork print dress, glovettes, and wig.

If your purpose on going to the party is to get attention, then these costumes will surely do the trick. Not only are they unique, they are also easy to put on, so you need not call someone to assist you when dressing up.

Sally’s colorful dress is 100% polyester, making it fun and comfortable to wear even for extended hours. Talk about practicality, and this costume is a sure hit.

It isn’t just perfect for Christmas and Halloween parties; it can also be worn during school plays and children parties. Just change your make up and your wig, and you can look like a rag doll.

Jack Skellington costume, on the other hand, will make you the coolest guy in the party. The character mask and the ascot make it very authentic looking, making everyone wanting to take pictures of you. It comes in many sizes, too—from teens to plus sizes. So no matter what your body type is, you will definitely find a Jack Skellington costume that will fit you well.

The Mouse King and Nutcracker Character Coats Costumes for Partners

christmas costume ideas for adults - nutcracker red coats characterNo, you need not dress up like Clara and do some ballet steps – these costumes are far more comfortable than that.

The Mouse King and Nutcracker costumes are actually character coats for couples. Both are 32-inch long button-up front coat with epaulets and standup collars.

To accurately represent the characters, you can make a mock-up mask or headpiece or you can buy a ready-made nutcracker head.

The best thing about these character coats is they are made of 100% polyester, so they’re comfortable to wear and easy to put in.

christmas costume ideas - nutcracker mouse king for adult men or womenYou just need to pair them with comfortable leggings or tights and you’re good to go. After cleaning, they can easily be folded and stored for future use.

These costumes don’t have bulky petticoats or bubble effects, so they won’t take up much space in your closet. They can also be worn in many different occasions, and can be used to portray other characters.

Don’t think twice in getting separate Nutcracker head as this mask is unisex.

Even if it’s a full over-the-head mask, it is made from a lightweight plastic mesh, so you won’t feel uncomfortable with this on. In fact, it is designed in such a way that you’ll still be able to deliver your speech and hear sounds well.

Proper ventilation is also guaranteed. Moreover, the material used in making this headpiece is also very durable and high-quality, so if you take good care of the mask and store it well, you can use it again and again and again.

You can’t really call it an awesome Christmas costume party if someone hasn’t dressed up in one of these fancy costumes. And since you’ll be wearing a couples costumes, the thrill and superb effects will surely be doubled.

So before you head on and shop for your individual attire, take time to talk to your partner first, and choose to arrive at the party as sweet, loving sweethearts wearing one of these amazing Christmas costume ideas for couples.

(Take a look at a variety of couples costumes available by clicking on this link!)

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