Despicable Me 3 Movie To Be Released In June

The ever popular and creatively produced 3D animation film Despicable Me (third series of the movie) was announced to come out in theaters this June – that’s according to Illumination

Studios, the producer of the movie. Illumination Studios partnered with Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment for this release.gru & minions costume despicable meThe main villain in this latest installment was a former popular childstar of the 80’s – Balthazar Bratt, who will partner-up with Dru, the long-lost identical sibling of Gru. Dru will be appearing for the first time in this Despicable Me movie.

So far, all that was revealed about Dru was that, being twins, was very similar in almost everything with Gru, except that he sports a long-blond hair and wears white all the time.

Meanwhile, Balthazar Bratt, was a former childstar who became popular in the 80’s through television show series about a child criminal mastermind prodigy. Titled “Evil Bratt,” the show was cancelled after Balthazar became a teenager. His favorite catchphrase in the series does not sound cute anymore, thus losing his charm as a child actor.

He was mocked because of it and to seek revenge, he later turned into a villain out to sow chaos in the world.

Dru & Gru was voiced-over by Steve Carell and Trey Parker was the voice behind Balthazar Bratt. Watch for it in June 2017.

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