SALE! LEGO Lance Nexo Knights Deluxe Costume by Disguise

Lance Nexo LEGO Knights costume Disguise 50% SaleSALE! Disguise LEGO Lance Nexo Knights Deluxe Costume for boysKiddo, if you’re a fan of Nexo Knights heroes and are squeaky clean sort of a kid, then Lance is your exact alter-ego in the world of LEGO Knighton kingdom! Being a rich kid, Lance likes to keep himself famous on TV while fighting monsters. Even as a little boy, Lance already shows the love of limelight and wanted to have his own tv show – which he got after the defeat of Monstrox. He is funny and always squeaky clean – even his favorite ride, Mecha Horse is always shiny!

Maybe he is not the hardest worker in the group but he always find an efficient way of living. He fights monsters seriously, oh yes he does, but specially when he is on TV which makes him really famous. And when he’s on the limelight, you bet he’ll get lots of invites to movie premieres with the King and the Queen.

Wanna be the shiniest knight of the Knighton squad? Then hop on this Lance Nexo Knight Deluxe LEGO costume outfit and be the squeakiest clean of them all warriors!