Arkham City Video Game Villain Harley Quinn Costume

Secret Wishes Batman Arkham City Sexy Harley Quinn Costume womenThis sexy Harley Quinn villain costume inspired from the video game Arkham city is a great idea as a single, couple or as in a group costume.

This former psychiatrist fell utterly infatuated with Mr. Joker while she was out analyzing him in an asylum in Arkham city. Because she deeply felt that she has got to be with her man, she used her wit to help the Joker escape several times from his cell.

But as Joker lie in wait in his death bed in Gotham city, the responsibility to challenge the Dark Knight and to lead the Joker’s gang of minions lied totally on the hands of the sexy villain Harley Quinn. This video game inspired costume will have you be the villain of the party!

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