Spiderman: Homecoming Suit – Designed By Ironman Tony Stark

spiderman movies costumes by costumesloft.comThere’s plenty of capabilities on the new Spiderman suit in the movie – Spiderman: Homecoming – and it has got to do with the brains behind the Ironman suit.

The newly Tony Stark-designed spidey wear is equipped with many of Ironman-like hightech gadgets – one great improvement is the laser-targeted web shooter which, by the way, also was embedded with user-selectable different types of webs.

The suit also incorporates web wings that enable Spiderman to reach longer distances, a holographic GPS tracking system built-in, expressive eye-mask, etc.

But it doesn’t stop there. Tony Stark integrated an artificial intelligence within the spidey suit – described in IGN as a voice inside Peter Parkers head for which the wall-crawling guy doesn’t know how to use yet.

There are lots more new hightech features on the latest Spiderman suit that is worth watching out for – so, better watch out for those surprises from the movie this Summer 2017!

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