Being A Street Fighter: A Unique Christmas Costume Ideas

Are you in search of unique Christmas costumes ideas for an upcoming holiday party?

Here is an idea that is truly unique – why not be a Street Fighter character on your next Christmas costume party? Or even on Halloween?

This idea will specially be attractive to men and women who likes playing video games and/or specifically – those who are gamers-at-heart! But be wary of other Street Fighters around, though. They might just be carrying some extra hadouken fireballs with them!

Other gamers fancy costumes that can be considered are: Zelda, Super Mario Brothers, World of Warcraft, etc – but we’ll write about them in a future posts.

Take a look at this unique Street Fighter costumes:

Street Fighter Ken Costume

Street Fighter: Ken Costume

You don’t have to feel embarrassed about how you spin around in your living room, shouting, “Shoryuken!” while punching the sky. Honestly, we can’t think of a better way to spend your afternoon. Of course, if you really want to take your Street Fighter training to the next level, you’d better put on the official garb of Ken Masters. We can’t actually guarantee that your Shoryuken will become more powerful, but you’ll look a lot cooler while practicing it.

unique Street Fighter Chun Li Costume

Street Fighter: Chun Li Costume

Bad guys who get in Chun-Li’s way always end up the same way; in a hospital with multiple kick wounds. That’s because Chun-Li’s answer to evil doers like M. Bison is to kick some sense into them, and then kick some more sense into them, and then kick some more sense into them, and you get the picture. So, if you want to be like the Street Fighter legend, you better have a pretty strong sidekick and her trademark blue and yellow costume.

unique Street Fighter Ryu Costume

Street Fighter: Ryu Costume

Channeling your ki energy into your palms for a Hadouken is a lot harder than it looks. We’ve tried and tried to replicate Ryu’s signature move from the Street Fighter series, but to no avail. We aren’t sure why we are struggling so much with this skill, but practice makes perfect, right? After we tried a few hundred times, we realized that maybe it?s all about the right mindset. To perform his special moves, you really have to think like him. You act like him, and most importantly, you have to look like him. With this tattered gi outfit, you feel like you’re ready to step into the ring with M. Bison.

Just some unique Christmas costume ideas for your next party!

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